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A Letter to Fear

Dear Fear,

Today, I decide to change the way in which I view you. Today, I release my outdated belief that you hold power over me...that you are in control of how I navigate through this world. I see past your mask and see what truly drives you and has driven you all these years--my survival and my stasis.

But you see, Fear, I don't simply want to survive; no, I want to thrive. I want my life to be an adventure, not a laundry-list of things that I had wished I had done if only I wasn't so committed to you and your conditioning. You've paralyzed me far too many times and I'm ready for a change.

Fear, you have been my faithful friend for many years and I have been your dutiful servant by playing it safe. Listening to your guidance has ensured that I am alive today. It's because of you that I am impassioned and thirsty for the richness and decadence of life. I thank you for your loyalty, dedication and your guidance. But it's time...

Fear, I release you with love…

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