What is a Practical Mystic?

photo by Regina Seraphina Filomeno
A Practical Mystic is first and foremost, a student of life. Someone who has a profound respect for the teachings of our ancestors and has decided to carry on their teachings and traditions. The Practical Mystic's duty is to grow in love, to impact others in meaningful ways and to honor the gifts of wisdom that have been passed down through generations. We honor our ancestral traditions through participating in ritual, ceremony, celebration, prayer and learning.

The Practical Mystic understands that the knowledge of our past informs our present. With this wisdom, we are able to return our hearts to one another and to reconnect as one collective people.

With many of the global and personal issues we modern people face today, it is absolutely essential for us to foster a sense of community and to genuinely connect with one another. When our hearts are connected, we fulfill our human need to be a part of something larger than ourselves; it is here, where we connect with our tribe and feel a sense of community.

It is the belief of the Practical Mystic that by drawing from the roots of our ancestors, we may create much-needed, practical medicine to heal the root cause of the world's vast issues--disconnection. I hope that you join me in working towards creating a kinder, more compassionate and more deeply connected world--one practical step at a time.


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