Creating Your High-Vibe Home

Have you ever visited someones home and immediately noticed how bright and cheerful it was? In contrast, have you entered a space and experienced an extreme heaviness? What about your home? Would you consider it to be peaceful or heavy?

Our home is meant to be our refuge, a space where we feel safe, at peace and are able to restore after a stressful day. The good news is that there are easy steps that you can take to clear your home of stagnant, heavy and negative energies. Here are ten tips to create a high-vibe home that is serene, harmonious and restorative.

A Feng Shui living room.

1. Clean and De-clutter A physically dirty home creates barriers to the flow of energy. For example, the longer items remain stationary, the more energy collects on (and inside of) them, which generates thick energy pockets. So, be sure to tidy up whenever possible by regularly dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and opening windows.When vacuuming and sweeping, try moving large furniture pieces once a month and clean behind them. For an extra boost, you can mop hardwood/tile floors with a water and essential oil mixture (such as, lemongrass, lemon and orange). There are also all-natural house cleaners that smell great and are good for the environment too! The aroma of flower essences helps to both physically and energetically clean your space. If you wish, you may also implement Feng Shui principles whenever possible. This allows the new high-vibe energy to flow around your home.

Abalone shell with herbs burning on my home altar.
2. Energetic Cleansing Smudging is one of the best ways to cleanse and purify a home as well as yourself. The ancient Native American Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing ceremony called upon the spirits of many sacred plants in order to clear away negative energies and to restore balance to an individual, a group or a spaceToday, smudging has been adopted by those on various spiritual paths, as well as those who are interested in natural medicine. The most commonly used Native American herbs include white sage, sweetgrass, cedar, juniper and lavender. Resins, such as frankincense, myrrh and copal were also used. In order to smudge your home you'll need:

  • a heat-safe bowl or abalone shell
  • a feather
  • a smudge stick or herb blend (I use white sage, cedar, sweetgrass, palo santo, lavender, angelica root, frankincense, myrrh and hibiscus flowers).
  • a match or lighter
In order to smudge your home, gather your materials, place herbs in shell/bowl, light herbs until they begin to smoke. Once the herbs are smoking, use the feather to waft the smoke around the space, while envisioning that the smoke is a purifying filter for the energy to pass through. Be sure to go room by room and if you have a multi-level home, start from the bottom floor or basement and work your way up. Be sure to turn on fans and open up your windows and doors, as the smoke can set off smoke alarms. For extra oomph you can also sprinkle Himalayan salt (any fine grain salt will do fine) on your floors, wait a while and then vacuum/sweep it up. Salt deodorizes and cleanses. You can do this space clearing exercise multiple times daily, weekly or monthly.

3. Clear the Air Let's be honest, no one wants a stinky home or a home that scares away people with allergies. To clear the air in your home, invest in a good quality air purifier and/or ionizer as well as a few Himalayan sea salt lamps (pictured here). If you have central air conditioning in your home, many home improvement stores now sell hypoallergenic air filters that you can use (some are even scented!). All of these items will help to reduce allergens, mold, bacteria and odors in the air, which improves the overall air quality of your home. As a bonus, on occasion, be sure to open your windows to "air out" the home, inviting in new, fresh energies. Dusting off ceiling fans is another excellent way to clean the air in the home. (If you have pets like me, their hair gets stuck in strange places...the couch, clothes, the toilet, and the ceiling fans are hair-magnets!)

4. Increase Natural Light Limiting your use of electricity during the daylight hours will do more than decrease your energy bill. By keeping the lights off and allowing the natural sunlight in, you can create a sunny disposition  (pun intended)  for your home. The light of the sun awakens and energizes the home as well as those inside of it! After all, our human biology is wired to wake with the Sun. At nighttime, you can light candles or use secondary lighting, such as lamps, to brighten your home. blue light from these electronics stops melatonin secretion, disturbs your circadian rhythm (sleep cycle) by keeping the brain active and on alert. You are an important component to your high-vibe home! Ensuring that you are well rested will increase the overall positive energy of your space.
The harshness of incandescent bulbs can dull a space and often be too bright and stimulating for many people to rest. Our pineal gland secretes melatonin at night-time (another piece of our biology that is often ignored) in order to prepare us for a restful night's sleep. To help this process along, try avoiding watching TV, scrolling through social media, emailing etc. right before bed. The

My prayer altar on my desk in my home office.
5. Create a Quiet Space Your quiet space can be used for prayer, meditation, yoga practice, reading sacred texts and so much more! This is your sacred space--a place to retreat when life becomes stressful and out of balance. While the ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere where your entire home is your oasis, I understand that this is not always possible. So, creating this space for yourself is an important first step in the process of vibing-high. A simple altar can be set up using a small table, a decorative cloth, some candles, religious statues or tools (such as a hymnal, sacred texts, a rosary, mala beads, crystals or a musical instrument). This is your space for quiet reflection, worship and prayer--make it your own!

6. Let the Music Play! Music, in many cultures, is used during times of celebration, initiation, worship and play. Before written language, our ancestors' traditions were passed down orally through song, dance and performance. For these reasons, music holds immense power! Music is comprised of sound, which is comprised of waves and waves are vibrations. When we talk about creating a high-vibe home, we cannot omit a conversation about music. Listening to soft music helps to create a relaxing environment. Classical, instrumental, ambient and spa-type music help to soften the energy of a space.
Dr. Emoto (Japan) captured photos of frozen water after it was exposed to various sounds
Shamanic drumming is also used to break up heavy, "dark" or low-vibrational energies and helps to re-balance the space (for extra strength during a smudging ceremony, shamanic type drumming and tribal chanting is often added--the voice is a powerful tool during cleansing and purification). Wind chimes, bells and other musical instruments aid in creating cheerful environment in your high-vibe home. Binaural beats are also excellent "space clearers", as they word to harmonize the vibration of your space by using high frequency sounds. I recommend listening to binaural beats 432Hz and higher to uplift, harmonize and balance your space (sample below).

7. Get a Live-In Furry Friend I'll be the first to admit (excitedly) that I'm an animal lover. We animal-lovers will tell you, that our animal(s) are members of the family. Animals are cute; animals are cuddly; animals make my life experience richer. Pets have been our companions for thousands of years. This type of loyalty and longevity deserve mention here. So, how can animals help create your high-vibe home? For starters, have you seen a puppy or a kitten? Adorable right? Animals demonstrate loyalty, sacrifice, selflessness and unconditional love. They embody the life of simplicity, by living a mindful life that is rooted in the present moment. Chances are that your pet has mastered Eckhart Tolle's concepts outlined in, "The Power of Now" and his other works. We can look to them as our consciousness teachers. Here's some food for thought, when guests enter your home, they are bringing their collective experiences as well as their energies with them (positive or negative). Your animals are like giant positivity-generators that are constantly emitting good vibes. In fact, many people believe (myself included) that animals have an aura (energy field) so powerful that it sucks up all the harmful energies and transmutes them into positive energy....sort of like little furry alchemists. Having a pet in your home at the very least will boost your mood. The best circumstance is that you have a furry alchemist running around, licking you, eating off your plate and reminding you that life is meant for living and vibing-high!

8. Garden A garden is a beautiful addition to any home. Not only do plants beautify a space, but they also have their own high-vibe energies. For centuries, food was the only medicine; many of us are returning to that Hippocratic way of being--Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be food. Any shaman, witch, naturalist or Italian Nonna will tell you that growing your own herbs and foods is the best investment that you can make in your life and your health. When you are able to cultivate your herbs from seed, you have control over the energy that goes into that plant during its life-cycle. As we saw demonstrated in Dr. Emoto's experiment, the plant, like us, can be impacted by thoughts, words and sounds. Cultivating organic plants in loving environments (without chemicals) means that we absorb that wonderful loving energy when we eat! Since our bodies utilize our foods to create new cells; we literally are what we eat--we become it. What do you wish to become? To reiterate, when we are vibing-high, so is our space, so have fun with this! The act of gardening also reconnects us to earth, which is important for our health and well-being. When we connect with the earth, we are reconnecting with that natural aspect of our-self that has been lost as we have become more industrialized.

(From top left) amethyst, rose quartz,
black tourmaline, clear quartz, and citrine
9. Bring the Outdoors, In Fresh cut flowers, indoor plants and crystal gemstones make perfect centerpieces for the home, while bringing in positive energies. As discussed earlier, plants have their own energies that they bring forth. Roses, sunflowers and daisies add to the ambiance of your space. While crystals help to both neutralize negative energies and harmonize the space by bringing in loving, cheerful energy. Some crystals that help to neutralize heavy energies are: black tourmaline, black obsidian, carnelian, citrine, amethyst, selenite and petrified wood. Gems that aid in creating a harmonious environment include: rose quartz, angelite, sodalite, clear quartz, most varieties of opal, red jasper, tree moss agate, green aventurine, turquoise and lapis.
10. Reduce EMF Exposure Our world is now filled with technology that carries with it harmful electro-magnetic frequencies. To the highly sensitive person (like me) TVs, cell phones, computers, telephone wires and microwaves all wreak havoc on our very delicate systems. Additionally, science is now discovering the long-term negative implications of EMF's on our bodies and environment. If you want a high-vibing home, try limiting your EMF exposure by ditching your microwave, limiting electronic usage; however, if this is not possible, try investing in some EMF-repelling technologies, such as Orgonite or EMF phone protectors. Crystals may help to protect you against EMF's too! Shungite, black tourmaline, sodalite, flourite, pyrite, amazonite, charoite and hematite.


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