Hearing the Call-Listening to Your Inner Voice

Many of us have heard the call of our true self, whispering words of love and compassion that help us to navigate our way through this world.

I have heard the call of my true self many times before, often speaking to me through experiences, rather than in words. She speaks to me through gut feelings, soft whispers, sudden and very loud internal NOs, vivid dreams, missed appointments and even while I'm stuck in a traffic jam. At all of these times, my energy and efforts were redirected to do something other than what I had previously had planned for myself. These "no's" came directly from my authentic self, my spiritual self, that knows my heart's truest desires and is void of any ego. My spiritual self is able to discern when there is danger, disingenuous motives and violations to my integrity. When I listen to that inner voice, I am able to discern what is the right choice for me in that moment. 

The Labyrinth (pictured above) in ancient times allowed for deep introspection, meditation and relaxation. This sacred circular pathway is still being used today. 

I have often been asked by my fellow student-teachers, "How can I hear my inner voice?" The key is to practice, practice, practice! Here are some great methods that I use to listen:

  • Meditate-Get quiet and breathe...deeply. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. The purpose is to reconnect with your own breath, which is the conduit for your voice. When you do this, you draw your awareness to yourself and are better able to focus inward.
  • Exercise-Science continuously proves it, being physically active helps your body release toxins, relieve stress and helps to maintain our overall well-being. More modern forms of exercise include: running, walking, swimming, power lifting, dance, competitive sports, etc. However, there are many ancient practices that integrate mind, body and spirit. These include, yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi and Qigong.
  • Reconnect with Nature-Growing up near the city of Chicago has led me to seek out natural settings. Let's just say that concrete slabs, potholes and trash get really old, really quickly. Sociologists and Eco-psychologists have studied the connection between humanity and nature. Their results reflect an increase in happiness when exposed to or surrounded by nature. To connect with nature, you can visit your local forest preserve, go to the lake, visit the beach, take a hike (literally...GO!), plant a garden, snuggle with animals or make a crystal grid. Thoreau said, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately..." and we too, must rediscover that piece of our humanity that resides within the woods.
  • Journaling-As a writer, this one's a no-brainer for me. Writing helps to "get it all out" on paper. You can visibly see where your head is at and can gain a better sense of where to go next.
  • Create Art-Contrary to what most people believe, we ALL are artists. We all have the ability to create. We are all creators in one way or another. Some of us create visually, others with words or their hands. The purpose of creating art is to express your humanity through some medium. This creative force is innate within us all, no matter how much or how little training that we receive. Some of my favorite art forms are vision boards/collages, poetry, sketching, coloring and making jewelry.
  • Listen to Music-Sound carries energy and vibration with it. When we listen to music, it creates a huge energy field that encapsulates the listener. What are you listening to? Becoming aware of the energy that music carries is key to unlocking our own voice. Binaural Beats are an excellent way to shift your consciousness to become more aligned with your inner voice. Sound baths and gong washes are other ways to help us heal by using frequencies and vibrations.
  • Honor Your Feelings- In the spiritual community, we hear this all the time, but what does it truly mean to honor your feelings. It means that you are not a martyr, so never say yes, when you really want to say NO. Do not sacrifice your feelings to make others happy. Remember that "No." is a complete sentence--without any justification being necessary.


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