Making a Crystal Grid

Connection to Angelic Love/Healing Crystal Grid

Crystals are said to have their own unique energy signatures. When we bring the energies of multiple crystals together by placing them into a grid, amazing--even magical--things can begin to happen in our lives!! A crystal grid is a series of gemstones set up in a particular pattern that holds a specific intention, such as: love, abundance, protection, wellness, etc. The collective energies of the crystals, patterns and your intention act as a a megaphone for your desire to be heard by the cosmos. This echo will motivate and guide you along your journey to manifest your desires. Whether you are wanting to manifest love or wellness, a crystal grid is an excellent springboard for your work; it is a physical representation of your thoughts/dreams and therefore, it acts as a daily reminder for you to work diligently towards achieving your goals.

Here is a simple method to create your very own crystal grid:
  1. Write an intention on piece of paper (this can be as simple as the word "Love" or a formal letter/prayer/petition).
  2. Fold the paper so it will fit underneath your center stone (I recommend a clear quartz pyramid); you can tape the edges down if the paper is too bulky.
  3. Gather your crystals (if you are new to crystals, visit your local rock shop and allow yourself to be guided to the stones that resonate with you--you'll always pick the "right" ones!) 
  4. Place your intention under the center stone.
  5. Let yourself be guided to place the remaining stones in whatever pattern that feels right to you (see below for some samples)
  6. Connect the energy of the crystals by drawing invisible lines with your finger (or a crystal wand) from one stone to the next. Visualize your intention while you do this!
  7. Leave your crystal grid up for at least 30 days in a space where it can be left undisturbed.
  8. Check back in a month or more to note how far you've come!


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