Smudging 101

Smudging is an ancient ceremony utilized by the indigenous peoples of our planet. Smudging removes negativity and stagnant energies from a person, place or thing and invites in positive, new, fresh, vibrant energies. Below is an example of a simple smudging ceremony:
  1. Gather white sage, cedar & sweetgrass and place them in heat-resistant bowl or about me shell. 
  2. Light the smudge blend until a steady smoke begins to flow (the container will be hot, use caution). 
  3. With a feather or your hand, waft the smoke through the air. Visualize all negative energies being consumed by the smoke and transformed into peace, love and positivity. 
  4. Open your windows and doors and allow the smoke to drift out of your home and to bring in some fresh air. 
  5. *To smudge a person or yourself, begin at the top of the head and work your way down, using the same visualization illustrated above. 


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