Crystals for Empaths

As an Empath, crystals help us to remain grounded, shielded and soothed. Since we are so in-tune and sensitive to the energies that surround us, crystals make an excellent addition to our "energetic empowerment" regimen!

You can carry a crystal in your pocket, or wear crystal jewelry to benefit from these little gems! Each stone carries with it, different energy signatures and have been said to hold many beneficial metaphysical properties. The following list is certainly not a comprehensive one; however, it is a great starting point for you, if you are new to the world of "crystal therapy":

Amber-peace, calm, serenity, psychic protection, soothes deep emotional wounds and helps to heal traumas

Amethyst-protection (psychic attack/energy vampires), balancing, promotes peace and harmony, helps to heal addiction

Angelite-peace and calm, helps one to connect with the Angelic realm

Azurite-calming, soothing, emotional balance, poise

Black Kyanite-deepens connection to physical world, grounding, dispels fears

Black Obsidian-grounding; absorbs negative energies

Black Tourmaline-grounding; neutralizes lower vibrational energies

Bloodstone-is said to cleanse the blood and lymphatic system, helps one with codependency and those who self-sacrifice, brings a sense of balance

Carnelian-promotes creativity, balances sexual energy, pranic healing stone, helps balance the sacral chakra

Celestite-helps one to connect with the angelic realm, brings a sense of serenity, peace and calm

Citrine-protective, promotes courage, strength, willpower and fortitude, cleanses the solar plexus chakra

Clear Quartz-amplifier of energies, enhances intuitive gifts and clarity, a stone of purity and light; connects one with the “higher realms” (angels, ascended masters, and star-people)

Fluorite-psychic intuition, brings a sense of peace and calm

Hematite-grounding, protection, repels negative energies away, calms nerves

Labradorite-powerful protection stone

Moonstone-nurturing, Goddess stone, aids with PMS, irritation and emotional overload, promotes a “go with the flow” attitude

Nuummite-a shaman’s stone, protective and can be used during astral travel

Opal-promotes clarity, peace and calm, helps one focus with clear vision and brings a sense of optimism.

Petrified Wood-grounding, soothing, nurturing, helps to balance and heal the root chakra

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt-cleansing and purifying; releases negative ions into the air (also a great addition to aromatherapy bath salts!).

Rose Quartz-the stone of unconditional love, harmony, peace and joy

Selenite-promotes clarity, protection and invites in angels

Shungite-EMF repeller, protective and perfect for warding off energy vampires

Smoky Quartz-protection, clarity, helps to see through illusion and amplifies intention

Sunstone-protective, God stone, loosens rigidity and stubbornness, promotes optimism, strength and courage.

Tiger’s Eye (red, blue and yellow)-promotes strength, courage and valor, empowers convictions and allows one to heal from old wounds and addictions


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