Manifesting the Life That You Want

Manifestation. While on this path, I've found myself constantly wondering, how do I get from here to there? At times, it's seemed like an impossible feat. How can I get the life that I want, while being right here, living this life (that I may or may not love...or even like)? 
I've consulted mentors, family, friends and fellow spiritualists and have tuned into my own intuition to arrive at the answer. The keys to manifesting the life that you want are easy to understand conceptually. For some, however, these keys may be a bit more challenging in their application.

In order to manifest the life that you want you must: 

1. Practice Radical Gratitude
Be fiercely grateful for what you do have in the here and now. Count your blessings...every single one of them. Remember that gratitude allows what you have to be enough. All else that you gain is another gift. Being grateful feels good too--and when we feel good, we have an amazing platform to work from!
2. Get Super Clear on What You Want/Desire
Lots of us can list all of the things we don't want. "I don't want to be in debt." "I don't want to be skinny/fat." I don't want my partner to leave me." "I don't want to do this!" I don't want to do that!" Here's the problem: when we focus on what we don't want, we end up with more of it. We become fixated on the problem, rather than the solution (aka our manifestation goal) and therefore, being the powerful creators that we are, create more problems. 
It's important to be super clear on what it is that you desire. This will become the new focus of your energy and efforts!

3. Prioritize-Align Your Thoughts, Words and Actions with your Desire
Now that you've identified what it is that you want, it's time to make it a priority in your life! Actively working towards your goal each day is essential. Like my parents used to tell me, "It's nice to want things, but what are you willing to do to make it happen?" What are you willing to do and/or sacrifice in order to bring your dreams to life? 
In addition to taking physical action, check in with your thoughts and words that you use. Are these thoughts and words in alignment with what you want? If they aren't, it's time to make a change.

4. Prepare Yourself to Release People, Places, Situations and Things that Don’s Align with Your Desire
Speaking of changes...are you ready and/or willing to let go of and release all the things that do not align with your desires? In my experience, it is best to flow with what is, rather than fighting against it. 
If everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong, remember that life happens for you rather than to you. Each moment is teaching you an important lesson and preparing you for the next steps. Yes, change can be uncomfortable and downright sucky at times. What may seem like the end for you, may just very well be the beginning of this new chapter in your life--the chapter that sets you up to receive your desired outcome! 

5. Be in a Receptive State of Allowance. You ARE Worthy!

Allow yourself to receive your blessings. Allow yourself to receive all of the things! Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you ARE  worthy. 
You may be surprised that your gift is delivered to you in different packaging or is even better than you had initially expected. God/Source/The Universe is unlimitedly abundant and wishes to share these blessings with you.  

Remember: In order to manifest the life that you want, you must become that which you are seeking and know that what you desire is already here for you, waiting to reveal itself to you.

Happy manifesting!


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