Words Have So Much Power

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

What was the first thing that you uttered aloud?

The words that we choose to use each day become the descriptors of our lived experiences. Our words become the strokes of paint that color our lives (our canvas). So, what does your canvas look like? What colors do you find yourself using the most? These colors represent your repetitive thoughts. Each thought either empowers us or disempowers us.

If you honestly assessed your language, what would you discover?

We are creative beings in a constant state of creating. We are the artists and architects of our lives. To be sure that you are (co)creating the life that you desire, begin by replacing one thought that disempowers you for one that empowers you.

When you make this process a daily practice, you will be surprised to find that by changing your thoughts, you also change your outdated beliefs (about yourself, others and the world), and eventually, your whole world will have changed too.


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