Tuesday, November 8, 2022


We have launched our new website today! Please find us at www.healingwithregina.com

A very special thank you to:

EmBeance Marketing & Design for website design, marketing strategy & support!
Avery Sky Williams for a beautiful, customized logo design!
Supriya Prasad for helping me to understand the crazy world of digital marketing, while still honoring my authentic, spiritual self!

Each & every client who has been with me since I began my small business in 2015, as well as those who I am just meeting now! I see you. I honor the place you hold in my life. I appreciate you beyond words! 

To my mentors, teachers, guides & healers along the way. You have helped me become a version of myself I could've never imagined. 

To my bestie. My day one. My soul sister, Ashley. You're a real one. Our friendship is my most precious gift.

To my daughter. My eternal orange flame. My rainbow in the clouds. Little lightning yansa. For us. For them. Before, Now and After.

To my family, who give me laughter, joy, strength, pains, and lessons. I love you. To our ancestors known and unknown, we stand with you in spirit, knowing fully you guide our paths ahead. I hold your memory strong & carry on your healing medicine.

I am only able to do what I do now because I once held your hands.

Let's continue to heal forward together. 

With immense Love, Humility, and Alchemical Light,
Regina Seraphina Filomeno